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PauseCast 2.24

Alirio and Christine are back BUT… they’re in different parts of the USA for this episode!


PauseCast 2.23

Alirio and Christine are back (really, it’s us) and talking about some very cool summer plans and the culture of violence.


PauseCast 2.22

Alirio and Christine have a very interesting discussion.


PauseCast 2.21

Christine and Alirio are back with some iOS reviews and a birthday party report.


PauseCast 2.20

Christine and Alirio are back BABY!!!!

Murderers, nightmares, and sailing.


PauseCast 2.19A

Christine and Alirio tell you what they thought about The Avengers!


PauseCast 2.19

Christine and Alirio say hi before they watch The Avengers.

We’ll be back with our thoughts once the movie is over.

PauseCast 2.18

Tonight Alirio is away and spending some time with BC friends Michaela and Dave. Christine will be on the show again VERY soon.
Episode 2.17 is too long for an iPhone -only upload, so it’ll have to wait.


PauseCast 2.15

Today’s show finds us back at Casa de la PauseCast!

Sean Bean Deathreel

WARNING: Spoilers and violence!


PauseCast 2.14

Today’s show is a recording of our appearance on Jay and Jack’s 30-hour marathon LIVE podcast in benefit of Autism Speaks held for the fifth time in Raleigh, NC!